WLP Digital Collections

WLP Digital Collections is an on online historical archive and a living library of documents and material chronicling the global women’s rights and gender equality movements, preserving and amplifying the work of activists and scholars, and providing access to learning materials to inform current and future leaders.

Throughout history, women’s stories, experiences, and lives have been lost to the historical record.
Despite the fact that throughout time, women have contributed to civilization and society building, war, revolutions, and social change, peace, culture, and the arts, and in innumerable other ways.

WLP Digital Collections is an effort to chronicle these often lost stories—whether from women sharing stories of the struggles and successes of their daily lives, to women who have taken on existing powers and asserted themselves as leaders of their communities, of social movements, and of state.

WLP Digital Collections is a searchable resource open to all seekers and puts the living, breathing, and ongoing history of women at their fingertips.

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