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CREATING A TWITTER STRATEGY TO INSPIRE CHANGE: How to Engage the “Twitterverse” with Your Organization’s Plan of Action During International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (March 8) is increasingly becoming a day of global celebration and activism around women’s rights. Thousands of events are held around the world commemorating this day, and increasingly, organizations are incorporating digital media and ICT into their activities around International Women’s Day, whether as tools of outreach and promotion or as the location for events and actions. Twitter is one platform that holds enormous potential for engaging broad, international audiences around whatever your organization has planned.

This Twitter-specific training is designed to empower participants with both the transferrable social media skills and the takeaway digital content necessary to implement carefully crafted and intersecting parallel online campaigns that coincide with International Women’s Day in March and this year’s theme, Inspiring Change.

Participants to this four-session online training should have a basic understanding of how to use Twitter, and should already have Twitter accounts.

This is a four-session course. Each session is 2 hours long. This training is in English.


Tuesday, February 18: Session 1 (7:00am – 9:00am EST)

Thursday, February 20: Session 2 (7:00am – 9:00am EST)

Monday, February 24: Session 3 (7:00am – 9:00am EST)

Thursday, February 27: Session 4 (7:00am – 9:00am EST)

Pre-Training Review

Best Practices for Twitter – Participants will receive resources and links that will help them review best practices for Twitter in advance of the first session. This is to allow participants feeling comfortable and confident about how they use Twitter. Participants should have a Twitter account, understand how to log in, know their password, etc. The resources will cover Twitter basics, including how to search for and follow other Twitter members, how to retweet (RT), tag others, use hashtags (#), post shortened URLs, find and follow trending topics, etc. This review is a prerequisite for anyone who is a beginner Twitter user.

Session 1: Tuesday, February 18: Session 1 7:00 am EST

Developing A Strategy – What is a strategy? The basics of what makes a good universal strategy and an investigation of successful, relatable Twitter campaigns and Tweetathons. This will be a very general session dealing with communication strategy and branding of issues through the use of Twitter, that the following sessions will build on. This session will include a discussion and implementation of the value of connecting Twitter to Facebook and other social media accounts. We will also ensure/set up connectivity for those with mobile access to use their accounts via their mobile phones.

Home Work: Participants are asked to bring examples of their organizations’ planned activities and campaigns around International Women’s Day by or before this session.

Session 2: Thursday, February 20: Session 2 7:00 am EST

Finding Your Strategy’s “Hook” – Planning, Developing, Implementing, Executing Together, we will create a shared strategy that relates to the themes of #inspiringchange, #inequality #genderequality. Participants will brainstorm keywords and construct powerful and engaging themes that can be incorporated into the already established International Women’s Day’s campaign. Participants will concurrently be supporting the dissemination of issue and organization information integral and valuable to their home/own organization. Participants will articulate their Twitter audience is, outline goals and objectives both individually and universally. Participant planning will involve strategizing actionable communication, and demonstrate examples of women’s advancement within participants’ respected NGOs. This engaging content will be palatable globally by other organizations and civil society and will involve the use of imagery, video, and editorial storytelling within the paradigm of micro-blogging.

Session 3: Monday, February 24: Session 3 7:00 am EST

International Women’s Day and integrating storytelling and related news/topics into your Twitter and social media streams. Together participants will create lists of keywords, draft usable tweets, and hashtags, create themes and lists of people best to follow and engage. These lists will be mindful of what key people are doing and sharing within the aforementioned themes and hashtags. Participants will create an overarching story and then a series of stories within the story via the 140 character micro-blogging format. Participants will collectively link together these story snippets as one larger conceptual story. The individual story snippets will also have legs to stand alone individually and always informatively to push the story and messaging along. We will talk about Twitter engagement tactics from the simple, “Follow me on Twitter” buttons across the site, blog, emails, and newsletters, to using, automated tweeting, hashtags, TweetDeck, HootSuite, and Twitter lists, and then delve into the creation of engaging content that educates and solves problems. Participants will address balance and how to thoughtfully and mindfully manage ubiquity across social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. We’ll tackle the value and strategy of asking and answering questions on Twitter and how to make the most of Twitter holidays like #FollowFridays (#FF)

Session 4: Thursday, February 27: Session 4 7:00 am EST

This will be a “rinse and repeat” session, where strategies and campaigns are tweaked and modified. Participants will discuss monitoring, evaluating and measuring their social media use. We’ll debunk the reality that monitoring doesn’t have to involve hardcore metrics thanks to already available and common tools that engage Twitter. In support of the theme of #inspiringchange, we will ensure participant consistency of sharing the inspiring change theme and sharing participants’ individual NGOs related issues/campaigns. Our goal is to successfully promote in-house NGO work by piggybacking on the access, resources, and community around International Women’s Day.



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